Best Garage Door Automation Kit in Australia

Automatic garage doors are now a popular choice because they're efficient, inexpensive, and simple to operate. The wide array of automatic garage doors are customized to fit any type of existing residential garage door, so inconvenience is no longer a concern. They allow you to enter and exit your home quickly since you don’t need to leave your car. Aside from security encrypted remote technology, automatic garage doors also offer long-range remotes for convenient and secure operation. Smartphones and tablets can also be used for controlling garage doors via an app.

No more worries about getting to shut the garage door if you are leaving home or coming back. You will never return home from work only to discover that it has been left open all day with all your precious belongings completely exposed. As a matter of fact, there are not many more frustrating things than having to get out of your car in the pouring rain or freezing cold to manually open or close your garage door. Consequently, if an automated garage door is closed, it is locked, so you do not need to turn a key or make sure anything is latched. After an entire day at the office and a struggle to resolve issues around them, the folks have to come back to the office and face manual doors. The manual doors require you to get out of the car and remain uncertain in your mind about proper closure. In the meantime, you won't need to face this issue at all if you automate your garage door because almost all operators come with a courtesy light that automatically turns on and remains on for a few minutes when the device is used.

SMART HOME LABS can provide you with an automatic garage door system that suits your needs.

Benefits of Garage Door Automation:

Putting an automatic garage door in your home entails several benefits in addition to the others:

  • Convenience:

No one has to get out of their vehicle, so they won't end up stuck in the freezing cold of extreme winters, or the scorching heat of summer days. A garage door that automatically opens offers convenience to be remotely controlled.
Automated gates can be an excellent tool for preventing unauthorized vehicles from taking advantage of your driveway, as well as stopping those on foot from entering without permission.
If you have pets or small children who spend a lot of time outside, you won't have to worry about child safety.

  • Security:

Furthermore, these doors offer much greater security than manual options. When you choose an automatic garage door, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with increased safety and security. You are immediately notified if your garage door is opened while you are away from home, alerting you to intruders and unauthorized access.

In addition to being an annoyance, unwelcome visitors can also pose a danger to family and particularly young children, as they tend to leave gates wide open when they leave. Moreover, properties with easy access serve as an open invitation for criminals. Keeping children and pets from leaving your property is the best way to remove the latter problem and prevent the former.

  • Affordability:

You don't need to spend a fortune to get the benefits of an automatic garage door. You'll be surprised how affordable it is to buy and install an automated garage door. There is no need to spend a lot of money since most of the gates can be opened with a smart garage kit to enhance your privacy and security.

  • Access Your Garage Door from Anywhere:

A garage door opener could sense when your car is parked in the driveway. It's possible that a family member has just arrived home and cannot find or lose their key. By using a remote access system, you don't need to worry about sharing access codes with others.


  • Track Activities using Mobile App:

You can keep track of all activity on the app that comes with your smart garage door. Your garage can be viewed every time it has been opened or closed via IP camera. It's even possible to have an app that lets you communicate directly with visitors using two-way audio. If you wish, you can grant access to someone.

Features To Look For In A Garage Door Automation Kit:

You can have easy, illuminated access to your home with a garage door opener that can improve your security. These devices are made even more convenient by features such as smart-device compatibility and integration with home automation systems. In addition, the following features should be considered when purchasing.

  • Any IP Camera can be integrated into a smart garage door, giving complete control of multiple garage doors with the access app.
  • Automated doors include a calendar of events too, so you can keep track of what's happening in the garage and who's getting in and out.
  • The garage temperature can also be set as an alert so that the door opens when it is too hot or closes when it is too cold.
  • You can even record activity in your garage and store up to 1GB of it locally (not in the cloud) for your convenience and safety (about 7 days of activity in a residential environment).
  • You can grant, deny, and modify access to different users from anywhere using the user management feature.
  • The PRO version has the option of being installed with wired sensors, allowing for multiple cycles per day in commercial applications.
  • To ensure ease, comfort, and security, all of the above features should be required for garage door kits.
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Automate Garage Door in Australia

Due to smart digital devices that are easy to install and reliable, automating your garage door is no longer difficult. In fact, it is much easy for anyone using iSmartgate Pro Standard Garage Door Kit, which can be purchased from SMART HOME LABS.

An automated garage door requires a smartphone, a WiFi controller, wireless smart sensors, and an opener kit. A garage door technician will install the relay switch in your garage and attach a sensor to your garage door, enabling it to sense if it is open or closed. Immediately following installation, your garage is working.


The right garage door can do wonders for a home, from securing property to reducing energy bills. After a long day of work, most people are tired of doing such a difficult task as opening the garage. So, for such a small investment, you will be free from worrying about security, forgetting opened doors, anything stolen or having to exert extra energy to open the garage door. SMART HOME LABS's smart garage kit makes it easy to control and manage your house activities without your presence. Lastly, it will be exceptional to open the garage door from inside a vehicle without getting out of it. From start to finish, the garage door automation process is seamless, so you can be proud of your door for years to come.