Best Baby Monitor Cameras in Australia

Interested in keeping a close eye on your baby without going in to check on them every 15 minutes? It's not a secret that a good baby monitor is one's eye in the back of their head, especially if they have a light sleeper. With a baby monitor, it is so much easier to keep an eye on your sleeping (or not sleeping) baby. From some devices, you can watch and listen to your baby virtually anywhere. In addition, baby monitors are invaluable if your baby shares a room with another child or if your home is noisy. A video baby monitor will eliminate the need to visit the nursery to keep an eye on your little one, as well as the risk of waking him or her. Baby monitors are ideal for monitoring babies with any sort of disease. Parents who work different hours are especially grateful for the ability to monitor their children from the workplace through WiFi.

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  3. Best Baby Monitor Cameras in Australia
    • Amaryllo Apollo


The smart baby monitor, a device that allows you to get live updates of your kids with night vision capability, and with sound, so you can determine if there's any unusual activity. It is important for a new parent to feel safe and secure, so a baby monitor is an essential purchase. But finding the right monitor can be difficult, as you need to determine what you need from your monitor and what will work best in your home and nursery. The immense number of baby monitors available on the market can make choosing the one that will provide the most value and peace of mind the most challenging task.

What to Look For While Buying Smart Baby Monitor Cameras

Baby monitors are a perfect solution for keeping an eye on your infant. There are several factors to consider when choosing one, including how you plan to use the monitor.

1. Infrared Cameras 

If you are monitoring your baby's room overnight or while it's dark, then using an infrared camera is the ideal choice. The picture will be black and white but still visible easily.

2. Sound Indicator lights

You can benefit from sound indication lights, especially if you are busy entertaining other children while your baby sleeps if you have chatty visitors or can't hear well. The flashing lights are triggered whenever there is a sound in the room and are super handy for when your baby is making noise.

3. Two-Way Communication

When you are trying to reassure your child back to sleep without having to go into the room, this way voice speaker function is very useful. Additionally, it's great for telling your partner where they can find spare nipples and other necessities while caring for the baby.

4. Camera Mount Style 

In your nursery, you should take into account how you will position the baby monitor. You can mount it to the wall or place it on the table where the viewing angle is great. The wide-angle of a camera will capture more of the room, which is useful if the situation requires monitoring more than one child, or if your placement is limited. Additionally, some cameras come with pan and zoom controls, which allows you to keep track of your kids more effectively.

5. Battery Power

In the event of a power failure or an unplugged camera, the backup option keeps the camera running.

6. Multi-cam Support

It usually allows you to add additional cameras to a single account so you can monitor multiple kids in the same or different rooms. Most security cameras offer this functionality through a single app, within the same manufacturer. 

Best Smart Baby Monitor Cameras

You can now keep an eye on your baby's safety on the go with our smart baby monitor cameras, which are given below.

Amaryllo Apollo

Using embedded multi-core CPUs, Apollo's auto-tracking capabilities can be performed during real-time video analytics on intruders over a distance of 40 feet (12 meters). To guarantee your privacy, Amaryllo uses 256-bit encryption technology, providing the same level of protection as the military. You can communicate over your camera anytime, anywhere, with Amaryllo's dynamic P2P server monitoring available bandwidth. Blocking or monitoring certain areas can reduce the number of false alarms since nobody wants too many alerts.


  • Communication takes place in both directions

  • This night vision camera offers crystal clear vision

  • Notifications are triggered by moving objects and audio

  • An encryption algorithm of 256 bits

  • HD WiFi Camera with 360 degree auto-tracking in 1080p FHD


You simply need to position the VistaCam 700 on the swivel mount to point towards the vantage point of your choice and then leave it alone. It features both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity (with WPS setup), as well as High Definition video recording. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) makes it easier to set up the wireless connection. The VistaCam 700 enables you to monitor your living room, nursery, garage, business, cash register, hallway, or any other room you’d like. With VistaCam 700, motion detectors serve double duty as well. This makes your camera capable of turning on and off when the motion sensor is triggered. With a gateway like Vera, it can also be used for automation. An optional swivel mount base lets the VistaCam 700 be easily adjusted manually for the ideal angle, and its compact design works well in any environment.

  • With features such as Motion detection and HD Image Quality (1280 x 720), it offers HD Image Quality, 1280 x 720 resolution

  • Built-in infrared LED for night illumination with WiFi and WPS setup buttons Ethernet connectivity

  • Audio and video streams can be seen and heard simultaneously (H.264, M-JPEG) for high-quality videos

  • Wireless Connectivity 802.11n/b/g with Support for WEP Setup Compatible with Mobile Phones with 3GPP Live Video Streaming

  • For indoor use, the sleek white case with black accents and a built-in antenna for working with WiFi