Shelly 1 Plus Wi-Fi Relay Switch



On. Off.


Automation of your lights, garage door, irrigation system, bathroom fan, any old electrical appliance… virtually anything that turns on or off!

Wi-Fi operated
Connect Shelly Plus 1 directly to your Wi-Fi network. No Smart Hub required.

Add devices quickly and easy via Bluetooth connection, using Shelly Cloud App.

Low voltage support

Shelly Plus 1 can be powered by 110-240 VAC, 24-48 VDC, or 12VDC.

Dry contacts
Use a wide range of output voltage levels. Supports low voltages.

Extremely fast processor
Significantly improved for faster command execution, feedback and notification.

Enhanced safety

Enhanced over-temperature protection with software thresholds for prevention of failures.

Enhanced security

MQTT and WSS support, TLS and custom certificates support for a broad range of use.

Improved API interface
Broad range of cloud connections and local integrations with much lower integration cost.


Next generation.

Perfectly upgraded.

The Shelly 1 Plus is the next generation of the popular Shelly 1. It has been upgraded in every way possible.



Automate the lights and make them follow your schedule.

Make any light switch smart with Shelly Plus 1 and control them through your phone or with voice assistants. Use the Shelly App to set automated scenes based on hour or sunset/sunrise. This way you can set the porch lights to switch on around the time you come home from work, or the lights in your hallway to switch off once it is past your family’s bed time. And don’t worry – light switches can still be used manually.


Easily control the garage door from anywhere.

Easily automate your garage door and control it no matter where you are! Shelly Plus 1 has operational voltages of 12V DC and 24-48V DC, which makes it perfect for garage door control – or any other “dry-contact” application.


Automate your irrigation system based on the weather.
Having a beautiful garden is not an easy task, especially when you have tons of other responsibilities during the day. Thanks to scripting functionalities, you can automate your irrigation system to follow the weather conditions and water your garden only when it is sunny, skipping the rainy days.

App Control.

With the best cloud service in the World, user-friendly interface, scenes, bulk control and much more… the Shelly Cloud application allows you to control your home from anywhere. Each Shelly can be integrated and works with all other Shelly devices in the Shelly app.
Shelly 1 - App Control

Voice control.

Shelly devices are fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
“Hey Google, turn off the bedroom light.”
“Alexa, open the garage door.”

Flexible control.

Shelly Wi-Fi devices can work without a hub… but they are also compatible with…

Full control.

Shelly is an open platform. With the embedded web server and HTTP commands, Shelly can be made compatible with your home automation systems and projects… securely and easily.

Shelly - Developers

The finer details

Physical Specifications

Dimensions: 41mm x 36mm x 16mm
Weight: 80 grams
Temp. Range: 0°C to + 40 °C


Power supply AC: 110-230V ±10%, 50/60Hz
Power supply DC: 24 – 48V / 12V stabilised
Maximum load: 16A
Power consumption: < 1 W

Special functions

Dry contacts: Yes
Roller shutter mode: No
Overheat protection: Yes
Overload protection: No
Power measurement: No
Neutral wire: Required


HTTP/HTTPS webhooks: Yes
Custom scripts(mJs): Yes
Channels: 1 Channel
Intelligent On/Off: Yes
Control: Local and cloud control
Sunrise/Sunset: Yes
Weekly Schedule: Yes
UL Listed option: No


Wi-Fi Protocol: 802.11 b/g/n
Wi-Fi Radio frequency: 2412 – 2484 MHz
Signal power: 1mW
Wi-Fi Range: Up to 30m indoors (depending on the building materials)
Bluetooth: Yes

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