SECO-LARM Fingerprint Reader and Keypad

SECO-LARM Fingerprint Reader and Keypad

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Quick Overview

Fingerprint readers are unique and highly secure. They are used to lock/unlock the devices and apps, security systems and access control solutions without needing to remember the passwords, they are easier and faster to setup.


Fingerprint reader offers very high accuracy. It is the most economical biometric authentication technique and one of the most developed biometrics.

Benefits of the biometric finger print reader are obvious. It is quite easy to copy a key or write down an alarm code and pass it along to unauthorized persons. It is nearly impossible to duplicate another person’s fingerprint in a form that the scanner will recognize. The other types of access control solutions have a weakness in that they depend on something that can easily be lost, shared or duplicated. Finger print reader have none of those weaknesses , whomever has an approved finger print does not necessarily have access to any other part of the security system.

SK-2612-SFSQ can be easy integrated into Z-Wave ecosystem by attaching Z-Wave device with binary input.  

Keypad Wiring

Product Details

SK 2612 SFSQ


•  500DPI Optical fingerprint reader
•  Up to 3,000 users (up to 1,000 fingerprint users, up to 2,000 PIN users)
•  User code length 4~6 digits
•  Fingerprint identification time – ≤1 second
•  Fingerprint false acceptance rate – ≤0.01%
•  Fingerprint false rejection rate – ≤0.1%
•  12VDC Operation
•  Form C relay output – 2A 12VDC
•  Tamper alarm output – 2.5A 12VDC
•  Adjustable relay output time – 100ms~99s or toggle
•  Weatherproof – IP66
•  Illuminated fingerprint reader window
•  Wiegand output
•  2-Door interlock



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