Fibaro Home Center 2 (HC2)

Color: Silver


Fibaro Home Center 2 (HC2) is one of the best Z-Wave gateway hubs that takes care of your everyday comfort and the safety of all your family members whilst helping you save on energy costs.

Monitoring, setup and management of your smart home is possible through native apps as well as the web based admin interface.

Using the user-friendly configuration interface of the Fibaro Home Center 2, you can create advanced, pre-defined scenes to tailor to your requirements and needs.

Fibaro Home Center (HC) 2 communicates with devices using Z-Wave, so it will continue to work seamlessly even when your Internet connection is lost.

It also supports voice control services such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa.  With Apple HomeKit (as well as Google Home and Amazon Alexa), you can add an AutomationBridge.

Fibaro Home Center 2

Brain of the Fibaro System

Welcome to the Fibaro Smart Home

Imagine that you live in a house where everything happens by itself.  Fibaro Smart Home takes care of your everyday comfort and safety of all family members and in the meantime, saves energy on every occasion.  All this is possible with Fibaro Home Center 2 smart home hub.

The core of the smart home system

Fibaro Home Center 2 is an indispensable part of the Fibaro System, without which the devices of your home automation would be beautiful doorstops.  The smart home hub collects and analyses information about devices, communicates them with each other and thus, directs the operation of the entire system and takes care of it security.

Feel the potential of integration

By choosing Fibaro Home Center 2, you can use the integration of Fibaro system with global brands such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.  Joining forces and technology to guarantee top notch features and potential of your smart home to incorporate all of the latest solutions available on the market.

A system that constantly evolves

Fibaro's partnership with the biggest technology players in the industry results in a dynamically growing number of devices compatible with the Fibaro System.  This allows you to endlessly develop your home ecosystem over which Fibaro Home Center 2 takes control.

Highest level of management

An expanding portfolio of integration with key platforms, enabling extremely intuitive smart home management such as voice assistants that enable almost limitless possibilities.  By aggregating functionalities of third-party products, Fibaro Home Center 2 makes your house work better.

Home at your fingertips

Monitoring, setup and management of the smart home system is possible thanks to a simple and functional app available for your PC, tablet, smartphone and even Apple Watch.  Get notifications on selected devices, analyse your activity history, and see energy consumption statistics on a screen size that you prefer.  Manage Fibaro System as you like whenever you want, wherever you want.
Convenient management dashboards

Explore and setup your plans instantly with intuitive lighting, watering automation via management dashboard.

Automation schedules

Let your home adapt to your lifestyle.  Prepare schedules according to which your smart home will wake up and fall asleep with you, adjusting the temperature, lighting and other characteristics to your needs.

Practical automation

Just a short voice command or click to prepare the perfect mood desired at the moment.  Turn on the audio system, projector, adjust the lighting, temperature and cover the blinds at the same time.

Smart home that knows what to do

Smart home knows your expectations and takes care of the comfort of your whole family.  It is always prepared for your arrival so that you feel the home atmosphere immediately after your return.

Always at hand

Simplified management gives us a sense of control over the situation and readiness for any eventuality.  Check what is happening at your home, make sure that all devices are turned off in your absence and the house is properly secured.

Everyone is safe

Go to work, enjoy your holiday or go to bed with a peace of mind.  Everything is taken care of including the safety of your family and your belongings.  Fibaro Smart Home stands for the highest level of security.

Occasional savings

Ensure you optimise spendings and manage energy in your home with little to no effort.  Your smart home knows best on where and when it can find savings.

New face of comfort

When we come home, we usually like to relax and reduce the effort of running the house to an absolutely minimum.  There is nothing better than a smart home where the comfort of the household is top priority.

Your data is secure

As a user of the smart home system, your receive a Fibaro ID that allows you to use all Fibaro services.  Access to your home and your data is protected at the highest level through WAF and Anti-DDOS systems.  Communication between devices and the smart home hub including all passwords are encrypted, thus you can be sure that your home is safe in every possible way.

The world's fastest smart home hub

Elegant and subtle, the Fibaro Home Center 2 enclosure combines powerful components responsible for its top notch performance.  Fibaro Home Center 2 allows you to reliably manage a smart home equipped with a very complex system

Support up to 230 Z-Wave devices
Unlimited development of the system
Stable network
Top quality components

Fibaro System works without Internet Connection

Fibaro Home Center 2 communicates with devices using Z-Wave, even when the Internet connection fails.  Calculations and operations of the system are performed locally via the smart home hub.  Therefore, Fibaro Home Center 2 works without any interference, unlike cloud2cloud or WiFi based systems.

Always stable network

The devices of the Fibaro System form a network among themselves which enables mutual and stable communications, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation of the entire smart home system.  With the use of flush-mounted modules which are Z-Wave repeaters, the smart home network range is extended and the devices intelligently find the way of communication between the devices and the Fibaro Home Center hub.

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