NEO Facial Recognition Lock

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Unlock your door using the latest facial recognition technology.

Face Recognition Lock:

This door lock uses face recognition technology to unlock your door. Simply enrol your face in settings and the lock safely captures a copy of your features. Approach the door and present your face to the camera, the door will automatically unlock for entry.

– Door lock opens by facial recognition
– Unlocking modes: Face Recognition, RFID Card, Password
– Capacity: 100 faces, 100 RFID cards, 100 Passwords
– Battery operated
– Reversible handle
– Works using glasses

Hardware Installation:

– Super simple installation and can fit almost any swinging door.
– Installed by any handyman or builder, you do not necessarily need a locksmith to install this lock.
– All components and screw fittings come with the lock
– Lock escutcheons supplied: front and back handle
– Comes with a user manual
– Reversible 60 mm backset stainless steel tubular latch

Product Details:

Facial Recognition Lock Tech Specs:

It is not recommended to have them exposed to direct Rain, but they can be installed outdoors when under a canopy.

Operating condition: Temperature: -20`C -60`C

Working voltage: External: DC7.5V-12V

                            Battery: DC4.4V-7.4V

Supported card type: MF CARDS/ISO/IEC 14443-2
Screen: 2.4″ touchscreen LCD
Audio output: Present
Real-time clock: Present
LED lights: 1*red, 1* blue
Camera: 1* visible-ray, 1* infrared ray
Color: Silver / black
Unlocking modes: Face+PIN+Cards+Key
Face Capacity: 100 capacity
Password Capacity: 100 capacity
Card Capacity: 100 capacity
Password: 6-8 digits
Languages: English with voice guidance technology
Fake Fingerprint Read Time(FAR): <0.00001%
Right Fingerprint Misread (FRR): <0.1%
Matching Speed: <0.8s
Working under a completely dark environment: YES
Can open by photo: No
Powered by: 4 pieces of AA batteries
Battery Lifetime: 12 months
Warning: Low battery warning function
Working Voltage: DC 6V
Emergency power supply: Yes, connecting to a mobile charger
Suitable for: Wooden doors
Net Weight: 3.5KGS

Unlocking Records: Does not track unlocking records