Brunt Airjet Filter



Three-stage Filtering

The Brunt Airjet filters out dust in the air using a three-step filtering system.
Firstly, the pre-filter filters out a large amount of dust. Secondly the high- quality HEPA H13 filter removes
More than 99.95% of small particles such as ultra-fine dust in the air.
Lastly, a deodorizing filter removes harmful gases and odors generated in daily life.
First stage


The pre-filter used in the Brunt Airjet filters out
large dust particles such as dust, solid smoke, hair, and animal hair.
  • Dust scattering
    in the daily life/hair

  • animal hair/clothing

  • cotton batting

Second stage

HEPA Filter(H13 grade)

The HEPA H13 grade filter used in the Brunt Airjet removes
more than 99.95% of microscopic particles such as ultrafine dust and pollen, etc.
  • Pollen

  • PM2.5

  • 0.3~0.5μm

Third stage

Deodorizing Filter

The deodorizing filter used in the Brunt Airjet removes
contaminants such as ammonia, VOC, and formaldehyde, etc which are odors generated in daily life.
  • cooking and food stinks

  • odors generated in daily life
    such as tobacco, etc

  • musty smell
    due to household waste

Changing filter

How to Replace the Filter

The Brunt Airjet uses a filter replacement method that opens with a magnet.
Minimizing unnecessary structures and wires.
This allows the user to remove and replace the filter quickly and easily.
    1. Removing the Top Cap

    Remove the top cap by lifting it up.

    2. Removing the Air Outlet

    Please hold the groove of the outlet
    with your hand and lift it up.

    3. Removing and replacing the filter

    Hold the filter by hand and lift it up.

Precautions when Replacing Filters

When reassembling the air outlet, please make sure that the arrow marked inside the body and
the protruded side of the air outlet are combined in contact with each other.
Please be aware of the air outlet that is connected to the other direction,
Doing this this may cause the product to malfunction.
Extrusion face of air outletInside of Airjet body

Please Use with Confidence

필터 스펙
  • Weigh

Tips for Using Airjet Filters!

Using the Airjet for the first time, you may smell the filter odor.
Donʼt be alarmed since the odor will disappear naturally if you use it for more than a day.
The time of cleaning and replacing the filter can be different depending usage and environment.If used 24hours a day the filter replacement cycle can be from 6 months up to 1 year.If the filter becomes dirty or smells bad, or if the wind strength decreases rapidly, please replace it with a new filter.
please replace it with a new filter.
If the odor is stuck in the filter and smells when the air purifier starts to operate,
please replace the filter with a new one since it is time to replace the filter.
Even if the filter is under warranty, replacement of the filter during use will be charged.Please be careful to keep the product away from water, do not wash the filter with water.
from water even when using normally.
When replacing the filter, do not press the filter by hand or pressure.

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