Brunt Blind Engine v2 Australian Standard

Brunt Blind Engine v2 Australian Standard

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Transform your blinds into smart blinds at an affordable price!




 It’s not hard to see why people are enamored with the thought of having motorized blinds and shades, but motorized blinds are a huge hassle to install, very expensive, and have not made any significant improvements over the years despite their simplistic functions.

Welcome, Blind Engine

Blind Engine is a device that transforms your home’s standard blinds into smart electric blinds. You can motorize your existing blinds at an affordable price. Blind Engine also connects to your smartphone, enabling remote control and scheduling of your blinds anytime, anywhere.


Will it work with my blinds?

Blind Engine is designed to be compatible with most roll-type blinds available on the market, and can work with blinds of varying shapes and sizes. The device can be mounted in a window frame or on the wall.

  • Blind Types Compatibility


  • Blind Cords Compatibility

The Blind Engine comes with two different gears that can accommodate normal string cords, small ball chains, and large ball chains.

  • Unsupported Blind Types
  • The Extension of Blind Size 

Blind Engine’s max capacity 10ft by 10ft / 15lbs of weight. However, It can be influenced by the variables like type, cloth. so we recommend to use within the stable range.


Blind Engine Features

  • Mobile Control

By accessing the Brunt App (Mobile app), users can command Blind Engine to raise and lower their blinds from anywhere in the world. So, whether you’re inside, outside, or even traveling abroad, you can raise and lower your blinds anytime and anywhere.

  • Timer Control

 Block strong sunlight during the day, and protect your privacy at night. Blind Engine’s timer function allows you to set desired blind heights in advance, and then executes them according to schedule. Create a more relaxed lifestyle by utilizing customizable smart light controls that match your day-to- day activities.

  •  Multiple Controls

Even if you use multiple blinds in your home, they can all be easily and simultaneously controlled. With the Brunt App’s Welcome & Goodbye feature, you can raise and lower multiple blinds at the same time.

  • Location Recognition Control

Blind Engine also allows for convenient auto-run capabilities depending on your current geographic location. Blind Engines that have activated the Welcome & Goodbye function can automatically adjust your blinds when you arrive or leave home.



Other Remarkable Features:

  • Voice Control

For a different lifestyle experience, manage Blind Engine using voice control powered by Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home, Apple Homepod, and other compatible programs.

(With the exception of Amazon Echo, voice command compatibility for other devices and services is still under development)

  • Share Permission

Brunt App’s Share Permission feature lets you easily extend control of your devices to others who share your living space.

  • Emergency Auto-Stop

Blind motor will automatically stop if the line catches, or if Blind Engine detects additional abnormal weight or pressure.




  • Three-Minute Installation.

Blind Engine comes with double-sided tape and screws, providing two easy methods to attach and install the device to the wall without the help of an installer. Total installation time takes just 3 minutes, including mobile app connection. (Installation Guide




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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
New life to old verticals

Installation was simple and it runs quieter than you'd think.
Installed on stiff old vertical blinds, it has more than enough torque to operate them.
It's now happily integrated with SmartThings and Google Home.


Physical installation could be a bit better. As (in my case) the chain stretches the engine runs out of ratchet points and it has to be repositioned - maybe more ratchet points.

Can't wait to get more!

Purchased one to add to my smart home and it works great, even on my 2.1m X 2m roller blinds. Integrates natively to Samsung's Smart Things which is a big plus! Will definitely be getting more to automate the remaining windows.

It definitely pack a punch for such a small package.

Great product!! Works brilliantly with our blinds.

Simple and quick installation. Came with an Aussie plug. I have upgraded all my blinds adding the blind engine to my smart home. Highly recommended!