FAKRO Z-Wave W/Chain Winder 12V

FAKRO Z-Wave W/Chain Winder 12V

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Quick Overview
The FAKRO Z-Wave W/Chain Winder 12V is highly recommended for rooms with hard to reach windows. An automated system that controls ventilation openings can contribute significantly to maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. The European engineered, manufactured and certified FAKRO Z-Wave Chain Winder is the perfect solution to inaccessible windows and centralised managed buildings with automated natural ventilation.

  • Program in conjunction with the FAKRO ZWMP Weather Module, for automated window closing upon detecting rain and windfall
  • Remote control functionality for ease of use
  • Overload protection
  • Easily programmable to communicate with compatible Z-Wave gateways
  • Automatic switch off once fully extended
The Finer Details
For the most convenient use of your motorized window system, the FAKRO Z-Wave Chain Winder allows for remote accessibility anywhere around the home. Featuring an intuitive button prompt command process, this Z-Wave Chain Winder can easily be included into any existing Z-Wave system.

From skylights, awnings, tilted fixtures to bottom-hung/top-hung windows, the Chain Winder can be installed into many common window fittings. For the best results and consideration for your safety, always rely on a qualified electrician to install the Z-Wave Chain Winder device for you. The Chain Winder interacts with other Z-Wave products through a two-way radio communication system, which allows for uninterrupted operation on a consistent basis. The catch holder comfortably connects to the actuator chain for a strong and durable fitting, while the programming and manual operation buttons allow for easy inclusion with other Z-Wave devices.

Installation options:
1 Skylight or awning fixed mounting (inside frame)
2 Skylight or awning with angle brackets (inside frame)
3 Tilt or awning window fixed mounting (sash mounted)
4 Tilt or awning window with angle brackets (sash mounted)
5 Tilt or awning window - frame mounted 
Area of Application: 
bottom-hung, top-hung windows and skylight |
This product is compatible with:
  • Vera 3/Lite/Edge
  • Fibaro Lite
  • Fibaro Home Centre 2
  • FAKRO Z-Wave window automation products