QR Code Access Control

QR Code Access Control

QR code systems are an access control method for use within businesses, residential apartment buildings, no matter their size, purpose or industry. The cost-efficiency of these QR codes, as well as their minimalist design, make them a simple and effective security tool for every business. They are very easy to use as all you need is your mobile phone or access card with the QR code.

Application for offices, car parks, sports centres and gyms, community areas and pools, campsites, ports, concerts and festivals, exhibitions and congresses, hotel rooms and tourist apartments. 

What Are QR Code Access Control Systems?

 QR Code Access control systems have a barcode that can be easily read by a QR code reader. The QR (quick response) code holds information allowing easy and unique information embedded to each user. 

Through scanning a QR code, resources are made available within the office space. These codes help regulate visitors and keep track of what resources are being used within the facility.

In addition to this, these codes can also be used for QR building access. They are able to link up with gates and doors in order to determine which QR code holders can enter which facilities. This is particularly helpful in restricting visitors to certain areas of the businesses. QR building access is great for maintaining order and flow within the workspace.

 QR code for access Control?

A QR code, which stands for quick response code, is a type of two-dimensional barcode that stores data that can be read and processed by a machine. Given its ability to store more data than a standard one-dimensional barcode, as well as its flexibility, QR codes are a good option for usage as credentials in an access control system in which the QR code scanner becomes the reader.

After scanning the QR code, the reader sends the unique data captured in the code to the provider. If the data in the code links up with the QR code reader’s data, it grants access to the individual who scanned the code.

This allows for a more secure and controlled environment, as building access is only granted when the security precautions are met by the service provider.


The labkey QR code reader is a intuitive and easy to use system that offers an innovative access control solution and easy user management through its software. 

Thanks to the dedicated CRM you can manage access to the entrances where you have installed the LabKey system in a simple and safe way from any device.  You will be able to obtain helpful information regarding who used the key and when, receive notifications and obtain useful statistical data for your business.

LabKey has been developed to meet the specific needs of accommodation facilities and companies that need to control and monitor the access to their entrances. The software and the technology offer great customization possibilities.