Best Smart Blinds for Automation in Australia

Homeowners can benefit greatly from smart gadgets, so smart blinds can be added to the list of products for your smart home as we enter the age of automation. Almost all house appliances and other products come with a smart option, so you can equip your house with motorized blinds. Lighting and privacy for your windows can be easily controlled by blind automation and they can also be controlled by voice assistants. Luckily, there are DIY kits that you can use to transform your old, standard blinds into smart blinds for a fraction of the cost.

Key Contents

  • What are Smart Blinds?
  • How Blind Automation can help?
  • Installation of Smart Blinds
  • Smart Blind Elements
  • Features of Smart Blinds
  • Best Smart Blinds
  • FAQs

What are Smart Blinds

Smart blinds give you the option to open and close window coverings with an app and voice control. They can also be set to close or raise at specific times during the day, or in response to other inputs such as light or sound levels. It is not without its downsides, however, such as the high price of smart blinds, using them for every window in your home can be expensive. In addition to letting in more light during day time, smart blinds can reduce your energy bill too.

How Blind Automation can help?

Blinds with smart technology helps you to remotely control coverings, allowing you to enjoy more comfort, convenience, and utility. In case you have a large home with a lot of blinds or maybe forgot to turn down blinds while leaving for your office in a hurry, the automatic blind opener got you covered. 

Installation of Smart Blinds

Installing smart blinds is fairly straightforward. They usually mount to frames just like regular blinds, but some of them require batteries. Others use a rechargeable pack, plugin when it is low on power. Battery life for smart blinds depends on the fact that some batteries last longer, so customers can check the battery timing while purchasing a product.

Smart Blind Elements 

Motors are the core element of smart blinds. In some kits, the motor is the only thing included: The various sensors and receivers for smart functionality are built right into the motor. In other cases, they are separate. In addition to smart blinds, some models come with an integrated solar panel that provides nearly limitless power. This eliminates the need for hard wiring or battery packs, providing a far simpler installation method compared to others.

Features of Smart Blinds 

Many of the big players in the industry are still exploring the possibility of smart blinds, so you will need to do some research before settling on a suitable option since you can choose from a wide variety of types, sizes, and colors. There is no set of features that are common to all smart blinds, but a few of the most common are included in our article.

  • Remotely Control

Smart blinds can be adjusted with the help of an app, voice command, or remote control.

  • Timer Functionality

Some smart blinds also allow you to set timers to control openings and closings. Using these features, you can close or open the blinds hands-free.

  • Native Light Sensor

Using this feature, you can program the blinds to automatically open and close based on the amount of light outside. These blinds are programmed to open and close at different times of the day.

Best Smart Blinds 

From simple DIY solutions to flagship blind openers from some of the industry's most talented manufacturers, we have compiled a list of smart blinds we love.

Brunt Blind Engine v2

A product called Blind Engine transforms your existing blinds into smart electric blinds, enabling remote control and scheduling of your blinds from anywhere you are. Blind Engine can motorize your existing blinds at an affordable price and connect to your smartphone. The Blind Engine is compatible with most roll-type blinds from leading manufacturers, and it can be mounted in the frame or on the wall to work with blinds of varying shapes and sizes. You can get this smart blind from our store.

It consists of features like users of the Brunt App (Mobile App) can control their blinds by accessing the Brunt App on their mobile device from anywhere. So, whether you're at home or on the go, you can raise and lower your blinds at any time and anywhere. During the day, blinds block strong sunlight, and at night, privacy is assured. With the timer function, you can set desired blind heights beforehand, and Blind Engine will check and adjust them on schedule. The Brunt App can be used to adjust multiple blinds at the same time - even if you have multiple blinds installed in your home. With the Welcome & Goodbye feature, you can adjust multiple blinds at once. When you activate the Welcome & Goodbye mode, your blinds will automatically adjust when you arrive or leave your home. The Share Permission feature in the Brunt App lets you give others who share your living space access to the device. In the event of a line catch or weight or pressure that's abnormal, Blind Motor will stop automatically.

FAKRO Z-Wave W/Chain Winder

The FAKRO Z-Wave W/Chain Winder 12V offers the benefits of an automatic ventilation control system in difficult-to-reach openings. A controlled ventilation system maintains a healthy indoor climate during winter and summers. This FAKRO Z-Wave Chain Winder allows you to control your motorized window system remotely from anywhere around the house, making it the most convenient for you. You can get this smart system from our store.

It consists of various features like with this Z-Wave Chain Winder, you can easily integrate a Z-Wave system into your existing setup. By using it, you can install setup into many types of common window fittings, including skylights, awnings, tilted fixtures, and bottom-hung/top-hung windows. To use the Z-Wave Chain Winder device effectively and to keep yourself safe, rely on the services of a qualified electrician. A two-way radio communication system makes it possible for the Chain Winder to keep in constant communication with other Z-Wave products. With the catch holder and the programming and manual operation buttons, the controller can be easily integrated with other Z-Wave products. This smart blind has compatibility with Vera 3/Lite/Edge, Fibaro Lite, Fibaro Home Centre 2, and FAKRO Z-Wave window automation products. 

Installation choices:

There are 5 choices for the installation of this smart blind.

  1. An awning or skylight mounted inside the frame has a fixed mounting system.
  2. Angle brackets for skylights or awnings (inside the frame).

  3. Awning or tilt windows with a fixed mounting (sash mounted).

  4. Window tilted or awninged with angle brackets (top/bottom mounted).

  5. Windows with a tilt or awning that are mounted on a frame.



Q. What do I need to know about motorized blinds?

Ans: Using a remote control, motorized blinds, which can be opened, closed, or tilted at will, have become increasingly popular. Automated blinds are ideal to reach, such as those located in a foyer. No need to climb the ladder to adjust them anymore.

Q. Can I automate my existing blinds? 

Ans: Using smart blinds, you can control your existing pull cord blinds right from your phone.

Q. Are smart blinds worth it?

Ans: Yes, By allowing more sunlight through during peak heating hours, smart blinds can lower your electric bill. In addition to improving home security, smart blinds increase privacy.

Q. How long do smart blinds last?

Ans: A smart blind may last for at least 5 years with proper care, but batteries and mechanical systems may need to be replaced at some point. With proper care, they should last for many years, or longer.