Best DIY Smart Home Security Devices in Australia

Smart home security devices have become significantly more sophisticated with recent technological improvements in security technologies making them more and more reliable.

Today, home security is cheaper, more powerful, and easier to use than ever before. The best smart security devices are here to ensure the safety of your home.

Most smart security systems will let you take action right from your phone if they detect any unusual activity within seconds. It could be as simple as flashing lights, sounding a siren, or even addressing a trespasser directly in a two-way conversation. Smart security systems can be configured as self-install kits or full-featured solutions which include installation and monitoring by a professional. You can monitor your home from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet if you don't want to commit to a dedicated system. Options include indoor and outdoor security cameras, video doorbells, motion sensors, and smart locks.

Smart home security systems can give you extra peace of mind, particularly for those returning from their offices or planning foreign vacations. The goal isn't just to fend off opportunists, but also to ensure even determined burglars won't be able to force their way into your home. Here you will find information on the best smart home security systems to protect your home against intrusions. You can now make your home smarter and safer by using our smart home security solutions.


The term "smart home security" refers to a home that uses internet-connected (IoT) devices to enable remote monitoring and management of systems and appliances, such as the ability to secure your costly and precious interiors.

Home automation, also known as smart home technology, provides homeowners with increased security, comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency by controlling smart devices through smart home apps on their smartphones or other networked devices.

Benefits of Smart Home Security:

  •  Improved safety
  • Through smart home technology and a real-time monitoring and surveillance system, homeowners can keep an eye on what's happening and receive real-time alerts if anything suspicious takes place.

  • Crime prevention
  • Intelligent home security is just as useful outside the home as it is within. The advantage of smart homes is that they can alert you when someone tries to break in and when there is an intrusion.

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  • Remote access to home
  • Remote access can be granted in case of an emergency. Some locks provide keyless entry features so now you don’t need to worry about carrying home keys anywhere. The biometric system and keypad locks got you covered. 

  • Detection of fire and floods
  • Fires, floods, and leaks can also be protected with smart sensor features. To avoid costly damages before they occur, receive real-time mobile alerts via flood detection and smoke sensors in your smart security system.

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    All of life is increasingly connected in the digital age, indoors or out. With the proliferation of smart devices, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts have sought ways to minimize security concerns as cities of the future come online. It's actually possible to better protect your home against intruders when you hook up certain smart devices. Smart cameras and locks, as well as video doorbells, are the most common ways to do so.

    The time is right for us to build a secure, intelligent platform that will allow us to solve some of the world's most challenging security problems at scale. This is why SMART HOME LABS provides top smart security devices in Australia. 

    Our top picks for the best smart security devices have been outlined below, along with what each one is useful for.

    Smart Home Security Camera:

    Secure the home and its assets with a smart security camera. Residential security systems have become increasingly important, especially during these uncertain times. It is more than just protecting your property that you should secure your home. Having a sense of safety at home and while away is equally as important. You and your family can go about your daily activities without worrying about intrusions or dangerous incidents, such as burglary and theft. Stay protected 24/7 and feel at ease. 

    To acquire such products, you should try SMART HOME LABS master-class smart home security cameras, such as the HIKVISION Dome Camera. In contrast to other security systems, these systems do not require professional installation. Currently, we believe it's the best smart home security camera for most people due to its ideal blend of affordability, performance, and quality. Smart Home Labs  has the best quality and functionality for DIY home security devices in Australia.

    Door Lock

    One of the most important elements of a smart home is a smart door entry system. Through the SMART HOME LABS door entry system, such as Yale Assure Digital Deadbolt, you'll always be in control of your front door, no matter where you are through your smartphone. 

    A smart digital deadbolt is not only convenient but also stylish and modern. A universal design and stylish aesthetic make these locks suitable for any decor. Furthermore, there are smart locks available on the market that have varying characteristics depending on the type of lock.

    • You can set up codes that will last a limited period of time on some keypads.
    • Wireless access is available on some, and you can share authority to unlock doors with others.
    • While most advanced smart door locks have a fingerprint reader keypad that allows you to restrict entry and only be accessible by registered users.
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    Gate Automation

    Doors are the most vulnerable part of your home. Various methods can be used to secure them, such as locks or cameras. However, there is another way to secure your home and loved ones, and it comes from the source of the door sensors. The smart door is among the leading top secure devices that protect your residents by preventing unauthorized access to your property. 

    SMART HOME LABS is making a significant impact on the market by offering secure devices such as the NICE ROBUS400 Gate Kit. The smart gate kit features an obstacle detection system and self-diagnosis which will add value to your assets and increase the security of your residence. In addition, consumers will not be worried about their property being broken into. At SMART HOME LABS, you can also purchase a garage door kit that lets you open your garage door remotely from your vehicle.

    Other benefits include those mentioned below:

    • You can remotely lock and unlock your door
    • At the right time, let the right people in
    • With one touch, you can park your car

    Video Intercom

    You can't beat the convenience and safety of a video intercom system at your front door or gate. It will be possible for you to see and hear who is at the front door without having to approach it. It is also possible to determine who is at your door without being at home. Hikvision video intercom door station with a 7-inch Touch Screen able to record indoor activities of audio and video along with alarm functionality. When it comes to outdoor activities, Hikvision's DS-KV8102-IM Villa Door Station will be the ideal security device for monitoring who is outside the door. 

    Moreover, the intercom lets you see who is at your door and converse with them. The electric door strike can also be activated if you have one installed. When the doorbell button on the camera intercom is pressed, the monitor's screen is activated to show you the visitor. Your phone is simultaneously notified. You are able to safely answer the door via your phone or monitor. 

    In addition, there is a motion sensor that will notify you when someone is at the door, regardless of whether they press a button or not.

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    Smart Siren System

    Having a smart siren prevents your family from being shocked by emergencies that are usually out of your control. As soon as your Smart Siren has been connected to your Smart security system, your home will be protected. You'll be alerted if someone tries to break into your home if you have this loud doorbell. 

    The siren is initiated by the sensors in your alarm system. Sensors can work in a variety of ways, but infrared sensors (PIRs) detect heat and are the most common. Depending on their intended use, sirens have different features. Certain sirens are designed for internal use only, such as in cases of fire, flood, and also smoke detection. External sirens are weatherproof to handle variable temperatures, rain, and humidity. Several models of sirens are available that can be powered by a battery or wired. The siren will still operate if the power goes out with some models. 

    One of the top leading siren lists includes VISION Z-Wave Siren DC Powered by SMART HOME LABS which is multi-sense for door and window. Triggers an alarming system that emits loud sounds in case of an emergency. Using Smart Siren in conjunction with smart home security, you can create automation based on specific conditions. When sensors detect motion and door openings and closings, smart sirens make a lot of noise.


    Smart home security devices are one of those versatile devices that can transform your home from good to great. Your system notifications can be set up in an incredibly flexible and useful way, making the technology a seamless part of your daily life. As is so often the case with technology, not all security products are created equal. SMART HOME LABS can assist you in determining the best security device for your needs. 

    Using these security devices, you will no longer have to worry about thieving your expensive luxuries, damaging your home, or unwanted individuals breaking into your property.